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Business Insurance
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Call Lawson-Wagner Agency now for Business Insurance, Commercial Insurance, and BOP Policies in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Lawson-Wagner Agency is committed to your business. As an insurance company, we offer a variety of insurance coverage that ensures your business’s stability and sustainability in the future.

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Business Owner’s Policy

Your business is subject to many unforeseen risks and events, even when you leave no stone unturned in ensuring that everything is in order. The best way to protect your business is to first protect your valuable assets by insuring them under a plan that comprehensively covers your risks.

Our Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is designed to give your business the protection it deserves. This policy comes loaded with multiple insurance coverages and, better still, it offers attractive flexibility options.

Benefits of Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

Property Insurance

Offers coverage for your company’s physical structure (building) and its contents, such as inventory, office equipment, furniture, and computers.

Business Interruption Coverage

Offers coverage for lost profits and expenses until the business is operational again. Business interruption could be due to many factors including loss, repair of machines or equipment, fire, and water damage, amongst others

Crime Insurance

Offers coverage for lost or destroyed company assets, either by employees or someone else.

Liability Coverage

Offers coverage against civil suits for accidents, product liability, copyright infringement, injury or property damage.

Vehicle Coverage

Offers coverage for rented or borrowed vehicles.
As a business owner, a BOP benefits you in other ways as well. Apart from the umbrella protection it offers, it comes less expensive than individual insurance packages back-to-back.
Commercial services

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business owns vehicles, or involves the use of vehicles, you need commercial auto insurance. A commercial auto insurance policy will protect your vehicles, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Commercial auto insurance also provides comprehensive protection for bodily injury and property damage caused by company-owned vehicles, as well as non-owned vehicles used for the business.

Our honesty and commitment to educating our clients on every aspect of their commercial auto insurance policy is what sets us apart from other insurance agencies. Before you make a decision, we will ensure you are aware of all components of the policy, crafting insurance that works for your specific business’s needs.

Restaurant Insurance

No matter what kind of restaurant or eating establishment you own, your business is prone to a variety of hazards. The last thing you want is to be held liable for damages resulting from personal injury, contaminated food, spilled coffee, or a myriad of other accidents that may happen at any time during the course of running your restaurant.

Rely on Lawson-Wagner Agency to help you keep your business in up and running well for your customers. Our business insurance covers all kinds of businesses, from restaurants and diners to cafes and dessert shops.

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Commercial Bonds

There are four types of surety bonds:

  1.  Bid Bond: Ensures the bidder on a contract will enter into the contract and furnish the required payment and performance bonds if awarded the contract.
  2.  Payment Bond: Ensures suppliers and subcontractors are paid for work performed under the contract.
  3.  Performance Bond: Ensures the contract will be completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
  4.  Ancillary Bond: Ensures requirements integral to the contract, but not directly performance related, are performed. 

When do I need a surety bond?

Any Federal construction contract valued at $150,000 or more requires a surety bond when bidding or as a condition of contract award. Most state and municipal governments as well as private entities have similar requirements. Many service contracts, and occasionally supply contracts, also require surety bonds.

General Liability & Property Insurance

You need to protect your business from unforeseen legal action, such as property damage or lawsuits for bodily injury to your employees or your customers. A General Liability Insurance policy offers you financial coverage in the case of such unforeseen events.

  • Bodily Injury Coverage: Covers the cost of care and the loss of services resulting from injury
  • Property Damage Coverage: Covers physical damage to property of others or loss of use of a property
  • Product Liability Coverage: Covers any product-related injury or accident
  •  Products-Completed/Services Rendered CoverageProvides liability protection from injuries resulting from a product or service of your company
  •  Others : Provides protection from Non-Owned Vehicles (such as aircraft and watercraft) liability, Explosion Damage, Water Damage liability, Advertising Injury, etc.

(Note: General Liability Insurance will not protect your business from professional errors, omissions, or negligence)

General Liability Insurance can get complex, and not all insurance companies are forthcoming about full coverage details. We make it a point to fully disclose all of the components of your insurance policy before you purchase it, so that you can make the best informed decision for your business.

Find out how you can protect your business from general liabilities. Simply fill out our no-obligation Quote Form, or give us a call now.

Call the Lawson-Wagner Agency now for the best rates and service for ALL your Business Insurance needs!

Workers Compensation

Our agency provides security and insurance for workers compensation. We believe that employees working for your company or business deserve benefits equivalent to how much they work hard for.

Professional Liability

We help defend you from cases that may endanger your career and name. At Lawson-Wagner Agency, we provide professional liability insurance for your security and for the right reasons. Our BBB-accredited insurance coverage will offer you the necessary solutions when you or your company encounter problems that can only be addressed through legal terms.

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